Excited for your wedding photos, but get nervous in front of the camera?

No need to panic!

The essential elements we need from you to create profound & magical photos are quite simple...

Be Yourselves

Enjoy your big day

We take care of everything else.
how do we do it?

Naturalness | Details | Feelings

Dámaris Melissa Photo

These are the 3 pillars of our philosophy as wedding photographers.

We are interested in connecting at a human level with you guys; to build a relationship based on trust and comfort. This will give you the sense of freedom to interact naturally as a couple and, the opportunity for us to caputre the essence of your souls.

The way we work during the big day is simple, subtle and detail-oriented. We are discreet and un-intrusive. Always looking for the visual treasures that spontaneity has to offer.

The cherry on top?
Dámaris Melissa Photo

The type of photography we do is documentary and, your wedding photos will have the perspective of a guest. So, any person looking at your photos will immediately have the feeling of having been there that day.

Really cool, right?

We would love to know your story.

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