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Before talking about us...

A big heartfelt thank you!

Truly, we know how planning a wedding and, particulary choosing the "right" wedding photographer can be excruciating and time consuming. Therefore, we are extremely grateful of you visiting our page and just to be considered.

So...you guys are getting married and wish that your wedding photos reflect the magic that exists between the both of you? To create a timeless visual legacy that captures your true selves? Cool! That's exactly what we love to do.

If we're on the same track, let's stop being strangers and meet the eyes behind the lens.

Dámaris Melissa Photo

Hola amigos! We are Dámaris & Hugo. A Full Blown Mexican Couple From Tijuana, México.

Big time enjoyers of creating meaningful and strong connections with the people that cross our path. We believe that every mind is its own world; therefore, worth exploring. Nothing amazes/terrifies us more than nature and the human spirit.

As destination wedding photographers, we have the incredible opportunity of constantly meeting other couples like you. Humans with unique stories, personalities and dynamics. We love listening to them, learn from them, try to understand their individuality and thus, through our photos, tell the story of such an important day. The story that will live on from generation to generation.

We live our days grateful for being able to dedicate our time, energy and creativity to document a day full of love and magic.

Dámaris Melissa Photo

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